Design Your Own Funny T-Shirt Ideas that Spell the Truth about Yourself


Everybody knows that your clothes say a lot about you. Whether you’re just wearing a simple black shirt and jeans or you wear outrageous color combinations, your clothes mirror your personality. The question is, what kind of personality do you want to show people?

Dressing up can be fun especially when you know how to inject some humor. If you want to show the world that you have a good sense of humor, then check out these 16 shirt ideas that will give you inspiration.

1. Always a Good Time for a Meme

Love memes? Then you’ll love this shirt. Memes are always fun to see especially when you’re having a tough day and you just want to laugh about something you see on the Internet. Don’t think you’re being shallow. Apparently, you’re not the only one that takes comfort in memes.

2. Halloween See-Through Maternity

Want to announce that you’re expecting without all the fluff and frills baby announcements go with? Here’s a shirt that might get people surprised of your big reveal.

3. See-Through Shirt

Speaking of see-through shirts, a look at your anatomy can both be gory and fun. Of course, you can always choose to show it with all the blood but your organs will be enough.

4. Striped Shirt with a Twist

Stripes can be very boring and basic. If you want to spice things up, here’s an example of what you can do with a bunch of stripes. It’s so subtle which makes it perfect if you don’t want to go all out in patterns.

5. Pun Intentions

Puns are always funny even if it takes a few seconds for you to understand them. Besides, these puns draw the eye to you. You’ll never know when a person needs a good laugh.

6. Best Friends (or Pairings)

There are just things that are better together than apart. One example is this nigiri combination. Can you imagine Japanese rice without any sashimi on top?

7. Wise Animals

Sometimes, animals are wiser than people. No one just wants to admit it. If animals could talk, read, or write, they’re probably be doing so many great things now.

8. The Zodiac Says It All

Know someone who loves flaunting their zodiac as if it’s a personality trait? Here’s a shirt that they might love.

9. Race Track on My Back

This self design your tshirt works well for parents who want to distract their children from the screen. A race track on your back is a sure way to get them to tear their gaze from gadgets. Besides, you’re not even buying a real track! Perfect!

10. Measure Me

Flaunt those biceps, abs, or even flabs! While you might not be the fittest person in the room, you can at least be the funniest.e2

11. PlayStation Anywhere

There’s no doubt that there are lots of PlayStation merchandise out there. But there’s something they’re missing – humor. This PlayStation-inspired shirt has put the buttons where no one really wants them to be. Still, it’s funny to find them right down the middle.

12. Cool Dawg

Who doesn’t love dogs? Dogs are loyal, gentle, and smart. Dress them up a little and they can even look cooler than other humans.

13. The Science Geek

Who says science can’t be fun? A periodic table message is just what anyone needs when they want to give a brain teaser. After all, it’s good to exercise your brain without even knowing it.

14. The New Age of Humans

One of the best T-shirt designs ever made are the ones that are so relatable. Everyone has spent at least 6 months inside their homes so you can say that the new age of homo sapiens are just… home-o based.

15. The Most Colorful Sheep

Do you consider yourself a black sheep or does every family member tell you so? Not to worry, you may be a black sheep, but at least you’re not as dull as the sheep they want you to be. Why not dress yourself up in rainbow colors?

16. FedEx Illusion

Illusions are always interesting and whether or not you find them amusing, they’re definitely eye-catching. This FedEx package definitely makes you think if the guy is actually holding anything. It’s so real you think there’s a package!